CEMS FTIR Full Parameter Monitoring System


CEMS-2000 B (CEMS FTIR) FT system consists of FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared) interferometer and heat tracing sampling system. The system targets multiple gas monitoring applications such as pharma industry and incinerator emission, which has a complex flue matrix including toxic parameters. The FTIR interferometer enhances the absorption signal while removing the background interference, hence detecting trace level gas in the sample matrix, especially for HF and HCI.

With decades of experience in CEMS research and development, FPI launched diverse and state-of-the-art analyzers which analyzers can be integrated into a complete continuous emission monitoring system. FPI can provide corresponding models for you to choose from below to meet different customers’ requirements for specific components monitoring.


  • Latest FTIR technology adopted in scientific-analytical application measures maximum parameters with only one analyzer;
  • White cavity gas cell extends the optical path up to 5 meters that ensures high analysis sensitivity;
  • 180-degree temperature heat tracing throughout the system avoid condensation;
  • User-friendly interface and software provide non-attended operation experience;


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