Borehole Pressure Cells


The standard Borehole Pressure Cell (BPC) is used to measure rock stress changes and is designed to be grouted inside a borehole. The BPC is manufactured from two steel plates welded together around their periphery. The plates are deformed into a “dog bone” configuration so that they can be expanded easily, without damage to the welds. Hydraulic oil fills the space between the two plates and a high-pressure stainless steel tube connects the plates to a stainless steel pressure gauge and/or a pressure transducer.


  • Standard Ranges : 20, 35, 75 MPa
  • Resolution : 0.25% of range (approximately)
  • Accuracy¹ : 0.25% F.S. (gage); 0.1% F.S. (VW transducer)
  • Borehole Size : 57 mm
  • Temperature Range² : −20°C to +80°C
  • L × W × H : 210 × 51 × 6 mm


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