Car Handle (inside) Durability Testing Machine – TO-I/D HDL


  • This tester is for evaluating durability of the car door Handle.
  • The high-accuracy and high-durability are adopted a servo motor drive system.
  • A data acquisition and analysis are facilitated by using a dedicated Software.


Number of Test1,000,000cycle
Test methodDoor pull test, Door destruction test, Load, Maintenance of displacement test
Main BodyAl-profile Case
Driving SystemAC Servo Motor System AC Servo Motor&Reducer (Japan) Ball Screw (Japan) Type
ControlMotion Control, Software
Displacement control, Load control
Timer, count, Load, Distance & etc.
Load Control -Load Cell, Displacement control-Servo Motor, Encoder or potentiometer, Proximity sensor & etc.
Computer System(Monitor, Main body) 19"Rack STD
Safety DeviceEmergeny Stop, Limit(Load, Stroke), Power Breaker
PowerAC200V, 60Hz
Load Cell100kgf 2EA


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