Ozone Aging Test Chamber – TO-5000OZ


  • Standard KSM 6518, ISO 1431, ASTM D1149, D117
  • Product Description This tester is using changeable chemical product parts of an automobile and divers products are influenced by kinds of environment like rays of the sun, rain and snow. It measure up to the standart method about physical and chemical attributes standard, that reliability material and product promotes in a short time.


OZONE ANALYZERUltraviolet Suction type Densitometer RANGE : 0 ~ 10 ppm PRECISION : 0.01 ppm UPDATES READING EVERY : 12 sec
CATEGORY OZONE RANGE0.0 ~ 2.5 ppm (standard) 0 ~ 300 ppm (High concentration : Option)
TEST CHAMBERStainless Steel Chamber with 125 Liter Capacity provided with terminal Internal Illumination and large Inspection 500 x 500 x 500 mm
TEMP. RANGEAmbient temp. +10 ~ 90ºC -40ºC (Low temp option)
TEMP. CONTROLDigital P.I.D Control
AIR FLOW10 m³/h
ACCESSORIES INCLUDEDPower cable, Aluminum Static Ozone grip (5EA)
POWER (AC 220V, 60Hz)1.4KW
DIMENSIONS1.100 x 650 x 1.530 mm
WEIGHTApprox. 150 kg


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