AQMS-3000 Micro Air Quality Monitoring System


Micro AQMS gives a macro indication in terms of trend analysis against stationary AQI analysis. The micro AQMS is to find out the pattern of spatial pollution distribution during a certain period. These data support AQI results at the standard station, and most importantly, It gives a macro idea on municipal management.


  • Customization on parameters according to customer requirement;
  • Simultaneous monitoring 10 parameters including PM10 and PM2.5;
  • 4G module enables remote control;
  • No consumables, long maintenance interval for minimal maintenance.
  • PreCalTM (Pre-calibration), FieldCalTM (Synchronize calibration) and OnTheFlyTM (Portable calibration) with internal temperature compensation to perform highest data validity.


ParameterSO2, NO2, CO, O3, PM2.5, PM10, Temp,RH,Wind
PM ModulePrincipleLight Scattering
Gas ModulePrincipleElectro-Chemical
Range0~500ppb; CO:0~50ppm
Time Reaolution1min
Detectable Limite5ppb; CO:0.04ppm
OtherOperating Temp-20~60℃
Communication2G/3G/4G and GPS positioning


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