Specially designed for small-scale crosshole surveys according to ASTM 4428, this compact hammer can be used to generate both P and S waves. The hammer can be loaded down using the steel cable and clamped to the requested depth by a pneumatic clamping system manually controlled by a lever from the surface. Simply pushing up the steel cable to execute the first shot, the trigger installed on the energizer will start the acquisition for the “P/S”. After that, you will have to drop the mass to make the acquisition with inverse polarity.



  • Cable reel with probe, 50m of cable plus steel traction cable
  • Compressor (12V power supply – requires ext. battery. not included)
  • Trigger cable


  • Cable reel with probe, 100m of cable
  • Compressor (12V power supply – requires ext. battery, not included)
  • Trigger cable
  • Additional reel with 100m of steel traction cable


Probe MaterialGalvanised iron
Cable length50 / 100 m (on cable reel)
Probe Diameter 70mm
Probe Length600mm
Hole diameter with standard springMin. 70mm, max. 80mm (> with optional adapter)
Probe Weight3,5kg
Total Weight15,5Kg (CHE-50), 24Kg (CHE-100)


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