24-channel seismograph


GEA24 is a compact-sized 24 channel seismograph (can be serialised for a total of 48 chan.) with a 24 bit data acquisition board and USB interface for external PC (not included in the standard supply). Suitable for refraction, seismic tomography, downhole, crosshole, Vs30, MASW, shallow reflection applications, GEA-24 is a reliable, affordable solution for all professional uses.

Connected to your PC laptop or tablet, GEA24 becomes a seismic tool that is simple to use, but with top-level performance. An external 12V battery (heavy and bulky) no longer needed: GEA24 consumes very little and is powered directly from the PC, guaranteeing a long day of work on-site. GEA24 can acquire using geophones with any resonance frequency (even 1Hz). To get 48 simultaneous channels, just connect two GEA24s to the same PC, perhaps using the Radiotrigger accessory and using a land streamer or a hydrophone chain.


Number of channels24 chs + trigger (AUX ch) - 2 units can be serialized for a total of 48 chs
Data Conversion24 real bits Sigma-Delta ADC (compatible with analog geophones of any resonance frequency)
Sampling intervalsSingle acquisition (active and passive): -from 1 to 6 chs : up to 31.25 microsec/32000 Hz -from 7 to 12 chs : up to 62.5 microsec/16000 Hz -from 13 to 24 chs : up to 125 microsec/8000 HzContinuous acquisitions (passive): -from 1 to 3 chs : up to 500 microsec/2000 Hz -from 4 to 6 chs : up to 1 millisec/1000 Hz -from 7 to 12 chs : up to 2ms /500 Hz -from 13 a 24 chs : up to 4ms /250 Hz
Acquisition length27500 samples @ 24 chs (+aux) 174500 samples @ 3 chs (+aux) Unlimited samples for continuous acquisitions
Preamp. gainLOW (0dB) - HIGH (52dB), software selectable
StackingUnlimited number of stackings
Input impedance2MOhm // 22nF
Dynamic Range144dB (system); >117db (instantaneous, measured @1ksps
Distortion0.007% @16kHz
Bandwidth -3dB Bandwidth +/- 0.1dBFrom DC to 6.8kHz@32ksps - from DC to 0.21 kHz@1ksps From DC to 3.5 kHz@32ksps - from DC to 0.11 kHz@1ksps
FiltersLow Pass:125-200-500-1000Hz High Pass: 10-20-30-40-50-70-100-150-200-300-400Hz
Notch Filter50-60Hz + harmonics
TriggerNormally closed contact, normally open contact (e.g. with explosive), analog signal (starter geophone, hammer switch), TTL triggering. Trigger sensibility adjustable via software
Trace DisplayWiggle-trace / variable area
Noise-monitorAll channels + trigger; real time display
AUX channel1x (for trigger or any other input signal)
Communication interface1x USB 2.0 to external PC (not included)
Data formatSEG2 (other formats available on request)
Power supply5VDC from USB, 0.25A
Operating/StorageTemp. from -30°C to + 80°C
Humidity80% relative humidity, non condensing
Dimension and weight24cm x19.5cm x11cm, 2kg Shock-resitant PELI CASE IP67


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