Constant Loader


Model Name : TO-250


Application Field
Rubber, plastic

ASTM D 2240, ISO 7619

Product Description

  • in case of ASTM D 2240, it was specified to use 1kgf for A type, 5kgf for D Type, because the Durometer of rubber can have some individual errors depending on the loads and speed.
  • his Tester has been produced based on the standards. Therefore, hardness measurement can be accurate.
  • ASTM D 2240 (load is specified) ISO 7619(speed is specified: Max 3.2m/s)


TypeMoving up to down Type
MaterialExterior SS41, AL Pendulum
Surface TreatingAfter Polishing, Chrome gilting and AL Coloring
Base Size Approx. 200 x 300 mm (W x D)
Stroke Up to Down 100 m/m
                       Including the Attched nut for durometer
                Manufacturing the zig for attached specimen


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