CRT-01 Crush Tester


CRT-01 Crush Tester is a high accuracy and intelligent instrument, designed according relevant

standards. The advanced components, mating parts and micro-computer are logical structured,

to ensure the property and appearance.


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      * Mechatronics modern design concept, compact structure, nice appearance, easy maintenance.

      * Adopting high precison weighing sensor fixed on upper platen, to ensure colleting data rapidly and accurately.

      * Adopting high-speed ARM processor, to ensure the high degree of automation and intelligentize, very easy to operate.

      * It have power data processing function, can get all the statistical results.

      * Display the pressure force and deflection in time on the LCD display.

      * Finishing test, the measuring head can revert automatically.

      * Equipped with micro-printer, convenient to get the result.

      * With software, it can connect to computer, and display the curves, also can save, manage and print the data.

Technical Indexes

      Power:AC220V±10% 2A 50Hz;


      Varation of indication:< 1%


      Measuring range:(5~5000)N

      Platen parallelism:≤ 0.05 mm

      Working stroke:(1~70)mm

      Test speed:(12.5 ± 2.5) mm/min

      Circle pressure plate diameter:235mm

      Printout:Modular integrated thermal printer

      Working environment:Room temperature(20 ± 10)°C; relative humidity < 85%



ISO 12192, ISO 3035, ISO 3037, ISO 7263


      Mainframe, 4 rolls of printer paper, certificate of quality, operational manual, power line

      Optional: Computer and software, RCT central plates, RCT sample cutter, ECT sample cutter, ECT blocks, PAT clamps,etc.


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