DMS-200 Probe-in Dust Particulate Matter Monitoring


Different from DMS-100, DMS-200 is installed on the probe, access to the flue pipe through the probe directly to realize flue dust measurement, so it is possible to achieve very low detection limits. It is widely used in dust monitor of thermal power generation and other ultra-low emissions industries.


Technical Principle

DMS-200 uses laser forward scattering principle to detect the dust concentration in the measured chimney. Detection principle illustrated as below:
The modulated laser irradiates dust particles in the flue to emit scattering light. Lens in front of laser collects the forward scattered light fiber into the high-temperature-resistant fibers and then the optical signal is transmitted to the detector, been analyzed and processed by the signal processing unit.The intensity of the scattered light is proportional to the concentration of particulate matter, and the detector signal current  can be converted characteristically to the concentration of flue dust.


MeasuringRange0-500mg/m3 ( customizable)
Repeatability±2% F.S.
Analog Output4-20mA,maximum load 500Ω,relay output(option), 2A/30V
Communication InterfaceRS485 (option)
Ambient Temperature-40℃~+ 70℃
Max Flue Gas Temperature<250℃
Enclosure RatingIP65
Flue Diameter1m~15m(customizable)


  • 0.1mg/m3 low detection limit meets ultra-low emission on-line monitoring requirements
  • Air curtain purging protects glasses, long maintenance-free period
  • Without external light influence, development of space dust detection can be realized
  • Analyzer uses a special structure to achieve ultrashort optical path measurement, no adjusting of optical path according to the working conditions needed.


Apply to online monitoring of low concentrations dust in super clean emissions and development of space dust detection.


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