MS-1000F Dust Monitor Bluetooth APP


It is an self-developed on-line dust monitoring device, which uses the mainstream technology of laser back scatter measurement with imported core components. DMS-100 is mainly used for continuous monitoring of various sources emissions of particulate matter concentrations. it can be equipped with CEMS,  used alone or several together or form a dust monitoring network with a shared  data acquisition and processing unit.


Technical Principle

Series of DMS dust monitors consists of optical section, circuitand control section, calibrator and purge system.The laser beam (650 nm) comes across the detection area and produces scattered light after effect with dust particles. The back-scattered light crosses the lens converges into photosensitive detector. Analyzer circuit and control section converts light signal into signal output which is proportional to the dust concentration, and obtains dust particles emission concentration of pollution.


PrincipleBackward scattering
Ranges0~500mg/m3, 0~10g/m3 (option)
Response Time1s
Laser Transmitter650nm
Flue Gas Temperature
<400℃ (higher temperature need to be
Ambient Temperature-20~+45 ℃
Duct Diameter>0.5m
Analog Output4-20mA, maximum load 800Ω
Digital InterfaceRS485, 2 relay outputs
Power<3W, 24VDC±10%


  • In-situ zeroing and span calibration
  • Automatic gain control function and temperature compensation
  • Smart appearance, easy installation, convenient disassembly
  • Without background light influence


Apply to the monitoring and control of soot emission and flue gas desulfurization and application of power generation boilers, industrial furnaces, industrial boilers in the thermal power, iron and steel metallurgy, petrochemical, chemical, cement, ceramics, waste incineration.


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