EM-5-HW Continuous Emission Monitoring System


Continuous Emission Monitoring System, CEMS

CEMS has four basic parts: the dust monitoring subsystem, gaseous pollutants monitoring subsystem, flue gas parameter monitoring subsystem, system control and data acquisition and processing subsystem. It can monitor SO2, NOx, O2, dust, temperature, pressure, flow rate and other parameters such as HCl, HF, CO, CO2 for specific occasions. After dedusting by sampling probe, sampling by heating pipe, dehydration and cooling by two-step condensing, the measured gas is analyzed by the heated gas analysis module (TDLAS and DOAS technique).It  is an effective solution to solve the technical problem that great humidity variation of the waste incineration and other occasions lead to  measuring data fluctuation.


Zetian CEMS can be divided into hot wet method and condensation method based on different treatment on the water in flue gas during pretreatment process.

Hot wet method: measurement is proceeding under high temperature (120-140℃) heat tracing for whole process and effectively prevent water from liquefying that affect measurement and pollution of gas cell.Condensation: use pre-cooling and condenser to separate gas and water rapidly; directly measure dry base value of gaseous pollutants.


  • All the indexes are measured in the condition of high temperature   


  1. To avoid condensation water absorbing SO2 which may lead to low measurement results, and corrosion of pre-treatment pipeline .


  • System has simple structure, high integration


  1. Under the effect of drainage pump, the flue gas passes through probe, heat tracing pipeline; directly goes into the gas chamber; SO2 and NOx concentrations are being measured; the flue gas enters the zirconia/humidity/drainage pump module, and then discharges directly.


  1. System has simple structure, high integration and easy to maintain. 


  • Achieve the simultaneous measurement for NO and NO2


  1. Carry out simultaneous measurement for NO and NO2, and then obtain NOx by the accumulation method. No need of NO2→NO converter.


  • Self-researched and developed core devices and algorithms 


  1. Core devices are self-researched and developed, including the light source, spectrometer, gas chamber, humidity module, dust meter, etc.


  1. DOAS algorithm is self-researched; the system has strong market competitiveness.



Measuring TechniqueDOAS(SO2、NOx),Electrochemistry(O2)
Measuring RangeSO2、NOx: (0-20ppm)~(0-100%), O2:0-25%
Flow Velocity0~40m/s(Customizable)
Heating Pipe, Probe Temp.120℃~180℃
Enclosure RatingIP65
Power Supply220VAC, 5000W
Working Temp.-10℃~+40℃
Working Humity0~95%RH
Compressed Air Requirement(0.4-0.8)MPa, 0.25m3/min,clean, without oil or water


  • All the indexes are measured in the condition of high temperature,avoiding low measuring data which resulted from the absorption of SO2 by condensation water
  • Simple system structure, no moving parts such as diaphragm pumps and peristaltic pump, high reliability
  • Self-developed core module and algorithm
  • Compact structure, convenient to transport and installation


This product can be widely applied in the following:

  • Flue gas continuous emission monitoring ( CEMS ) for the power plants (SO2, NO, NO2 and O2 ) 
  • DeSOx process monitoring (SO2 and O2)
  • DeNOx process monitoring (NO, NO2, NH3 and O2)
  • Waste incineration flue gas continuous emission monitoring (SO2, NO, NO2 and O2)
  • Trace Cl2 analysis of the PVC process and titanium dioxide production process for chlor-alkali plants (Cl2)
  • Sulfur recovery process gas analysis (SO2 and H2S)
  • Natural gas purification process gas analysis (trace H2S)
  • Methyl iodide analysis for the coal chemical industry (CH3I)
  • On-line air monitoring (SO2, NO2 and O3), etc.


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