Forced Convection Drying Oven – TO-400D


Application Field With an drying laboratory apparatus, sterilize specimen, water measurement, material tests in constant temperature and low or high temperature are possib Standard ASTM D G26, ISO, KS, etc. Product Description
  • PID Controller By using Auto tuning controller, you can get high-temperature accuracy data, and high durability is guaranteed. It has 10step-level program and repeat-test; therefore it was made for user's convenience
  • Fan Motor For using of dry and uniform distribution, the high-temperature and long test is guaranteed by low noises and non-vibration motor.
  • Door When user check the inside, user don't have tu open the door because you can see the inside on seeing-through window. In addition, air-circulation system can prevent overheating
  • Back-up Device When a stoppage of electric power, you success to get collect machine history data at power return
  • Safety Device This tester prevent irrational-overheating by Installed overheating-protector and overload-protector
  • Order Made This tester is able to be installed for user's experiment condition. (size, adjuster method, attached recorder, N Gas Line of oxidation prevent of the structure and etc.)


Dimension (IN)450 x 450 x 450 mm480 x 510 x 600 mm600 x 500 x 1000 mm
Dimension (OUT)610 x 680 x 795 mm635 x 695 x 930 mm755 x 775 x 1450 mm
Capacity91 Liter147 Liter300 Liter
Shelves2 EA3 EA4 EA
Temp. ControllerDigital P.I.D Controller
Temp. RangeRT + 5ºC to 250ºC
Temp. Accuracy± 1ºC at 100ºC
Temp. SensorPT 100 Ω / 0.15 Grade
TimerDigital Timer 99hr 59min. of infinity
Circulation FanSirroco Fan Motor
Material (IN)Stainless Steel
Material (OUT)SCP-1 With Powder Coating
DoorSilicon Packing Door With Window
Safety DeviceHydraulic Temperature Controller
PortExhaust Hole x 1 EA
Power (AC 220V, 60 Hz)1,2 kW1,5 kW2,2 kW


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