GA-5000 TGA Sulfur Ratio Instrument


With UV differential optical absorption spectroscopy (DOAS) analysis technology, it is mainly used in process gas control of the Claus industrial sulfur recovery process. The ratio meter measures the concentration of H2S and SO2 real-time, and calculates the molar ratio, then feeds back the signal to the control device that controls air intake to achieve feedback. It has significant advantages including low detection limit, accurate measurement results, easy calibration and alignment, simple and compact structure, no moving parts.


SO2 Range0~1%~5%(Configurable)
H2S Range0~1%~5%(Configurable)
Indication Error±2%
Zero Drift±2%F.S./7d
Span drift±2%F.S./7d
Communication interface1×RS232,RS485
Light Sourcehigh performance xenon strobe
Working Temp.-10℃~+50℃
Heatingelectric heating and steam heating
Warm-up time<40min
4-20mA Inputs 4, flexible configuration
4-20mA Output 6, flexible configuration
Explosion-proof MarkExpIICT6 IP65
Sample gas flow rate(1.5-2)L/min


  • Installed directly on the flue, in-situ measurement, fast response
  • Specially designed mist catcher allows efficient removing of sulfur to prevent the blockage of probe.
  • Full spectrum measurement avoids SV, COS interfering H2S, SO2 and achieves high measurement accuracy
  • Multi-channel spectral analysis technique allows simultaneously measurement of multiple components


Apply to sulfur recovery ratio control of oil refineries, natural gas purification plant, coking plants, chemical plants, power plants, coal gasification plant, process control of ammonia methanol, feedstock gas productionand refinery gas processing.


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