The handheld controller gives the operator full control of the dynamometer and the test sequence from the driver’s seat.  The controller is housed in a molded, impact resistant enclosure capable of withstanding years of abuse in harsh test cell environments. Vibration dampening mounts hold the controller to the steering wheel freeing up the operators’ hands to run the dyno, the vehicle and operate their tuning suite. The numerical keypad and shortcut keys make setup quick and navigation through the suite of testing options easy.

An LCD display screen will show any of a hundred data channels in real time so the operator can continuously monitor vehicle data like rpm, mph, power, torque, inlet air temperature and other measured data.

The screen also provides menus to control every aspect of the dynamometer setup.

  • Adjust the wheelbase with the push of a button
  • Lock or unlock the rolls for vehicle loading
  • Autozero or calibrate data channels
  • Select and run any of the pre-programmed test profiles
  • Manually adjust the load to mph or rpm set points
  • Activate safety limits


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