Sensor Box


The SuperFlow sensor box houses the data acquisition and control boards that makeup the 139 channel WinDyn data acquisition system. Its advanced electronics measures high-resolution data at up to 2,500 Hz depending on the channel and sends the data to the operator station via a simple Ethernet connection for live monitoring. The only connections between the test cell and operator control room are three Ethernet cables making installation simple.

The sensor box is modular and is expandable at any time. Eight expansion bays are ready to accept expansion panels for additional temperature, pressure, analog voltage or frequency inputs. Most SuperFlow engine dyno packages includes a ten channel pressure panel and a sixteen channel temperature panel and sensors as a starting point.

The included weather station uses a barometric pressure transducer, air temperature sensor and humidity sensor to measure atmospheric conditions continuously throughout the test and calculate the proper weather correction factor. Standards like STP, SAE, ECE and DIN are built in and user selectable, the configuration editor can also be used to write custom correction factors.

The sensor box also house the controllers that provide SuperFlow’s legendary closed loop PID control. Its flexible dual-mode control scheme allows either the dyno or the throttle to control to speed, torque, power, manifold pressure or any other channel of your choosing. Sophisticated logic lets each controller use up to four different control modes and parameter settings.
The sensor box can either be mounted to our test cell boom system or to the wall using the wall mount bracket.


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