High Speed Impact Testing Machine


  • This tester is to assess the interior of external component to reduce the injury of a passenger during a vehicle collision.
  • It is easy data analysis and management of the high sped testing machine and applying program use to the Gas N 2.
  • Hit points and the driving angle are designed to easy handling


Impact Speed24,1 km.hr ± 0.6 km/hr
Impact Parts (round)Weight : 6,8 kg / Size : Diameter 165 mm / Material : AL6061
Impact Angle0~90º
Test MethodsShockproof test
Test Speed80g
PressureN2 or Air
X,Z StageRemote Control
SoftwareMotion set-up & control, Data analyze, Save, Print
Power220 V 3 P or 380 V 3 P
WeightApprox. 3 ton


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