HMA-2000 Series


HMA-2000 series heavy metal online analyzer adopts the principle of anodic dissolution voltammetry detection, and monitoring factors cover lead, cadmium, zinc, mercury, arsenic, etc. It is suitable for online monitoring of surface water, drinking water, municipal sewage, industrial process water, pollution source wastewater discharge, etc.


This analyzer adopts the principle of anodic dissolution voltammetry detection. The pre-treated water sample is mixed with electrolyte in the detection cell after high-temperature and high-pressure decomposition.

Then a reduction potential is applied to the electrode to enrich the metal ions to be measured in the mixture on the working electrode. Then the applied potential is continuously changed in a step-pulse manner to dissolve the metal elements enriched on the working electrode. The current signal intensity is detected when dissolving. According to the dissolution, the concentration of the measured component is obtained by converting the peak intensity of the current signal to the concentration of the measured component.

hma-2000 series, hydrology instrument, water quality monitoring

hma-2000 series, hydrology instrument, water quality monitoring


High precision, low cost

  • Low reagent consumption, only 1/5-1/20 of the reagent consumption of the conventional chemical instruments; With high detection accuracy to meet the needs of μg/L level detection.

Fast detection and high immunity to interference

  • Detection of heavy metal ions on the order of μg/L within minutes to tens of minutes; With its own in-line digestion device, can eliminate the interference of organic matter.

Fully automatic control, online monitoring

  • Automatic pre-treatment and collection of water sample, automatic calibration and alarm if exceed the standard according to the set alert line, realize 24-hour online monitoring.

Automatic enrichment with a high degree of intelligence

  • The system first enriches heavy metals in the electrode and then performs dissolution analysis, with lower detection limits than conventional electrodes.

Environmentally friendly, safe and reliable (for lead and cadmium only)

  • Using a bismuth film electrode, which is non-toxic and harmless to the environment, instead of the conventional lead electrode, to ensure the safety of the environment and operators.


Technical IndicatorsParameters
Measurement ModeContinuous measurement, periodic measurement, timed measurement, switching/remote triggered measurement, manual measurement.
Data StorageUp to 10000 records
Analog Input2-Channel 4~20mA
Analog Output2-Channel 4~20mA, Max. Load 500Ω
Power Consumption≤80W
Power Supply(220±22)V AC; (50±1)Hz;
Working Temperature5-45℃
Dimension (WxHxD)500*700*365mm
ComponentsRange (mg/L)Accuracy

Indication Error

Resolution Ratio(mg/L)

Detection Limit(mg/L)

Zero Drift

Span Drift

Pb0~0.2/0.4, 0~2/4≤5%±10% ±5%0.00010.001, 0.02±5%F.S.±10%F.S.
Cd0~0.05/0.1, 0~0.2/1≤5%±10% ±5%0.00010.0005, 0.005±5%F.S.±10%F.S.
As0~0.2/0.6, 0~1/3≤5%±5%0.00010.0005, 0.005±5%F.S.±10%F.S.
Pb & CdPb: 0~0.05/0.1 Cd: 0~0.05/0.1≤5%±5%0.0001Pb: 0.001 Cd: 0.0005±5%F.S.±10%F.S.


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