AQMS-1000 Standard Air Quality Monitoring System


FPI’s ambient AQMS-1000 consists of a sampling subsystem, a gas dynamic calibration subsystem, a meteorological parameters monitoring subsystem, a standard parameters monitoring subsystem, and a data acquisition and processing subsystem. It can monitor conventional air pollutants such as SO2, NO, NOX, CO, O3, PM2.5, PM10, etc. FPI also provides compact AQMS, micro AQMS, and mobile stations applicable to various customer needs.

  • FPI has more than 20-year experience providing ambient monitoring solutions, and has 1500+ R&D experts, 8+innovation platforms, can quickly provide you with professional solutions!
  • Our Air Quality Monitoring Station (AQMS-1000) is a standard air quality monitoring station. It can monitor conventional air pollutants such as SO2, NO, NOX, CO, O3, PM2.5, PM10, etc. Using different monitoring methods monitors different gases, which complies with China’s environmental monitoring standards and US EPA certification requirements.
  • The AQMS-1000 system is equipped with a dynamic calibrator and a zero-gas generator, which can calibrate the system monitoring instruments to ensure the measurement accuracy of the monitoring instruments.


  • AQMS is equipped with complete calibration instruments, which ensures the precision and reliability of measurement results.
  • Module design - can be freely configured in accordance with the actual measuring requirements.
  • Easy-to-understand data acquisition software for centralized management of system monitoring instruments.
  • Can communicate through RS232, Ethernet or USB port.
  • Compliance with US EPA method.
  • Low maintenance and operation requirement.


ModelParameterPrincipleStandard RangeDimension/Weight
AQMS-100Zero AirHC/CO/NO Scrubber221(H) x 482(W) x 554(D)mm
AQMS-200Multi-point CalibrationMass Flow Controller178(H) x 432(W) x 609(D)mm;<15kg; <20kg
AQMS-300Ozone(O3)UV AbsorptionUS EPA Specification:0~500ppb178(H) x 432(W) x 604(D)mm;15kg
AQMS-400Carbon Monoxide(CO)NDIRUS EPA Specification: 0~100ppm178(H) x 432(W) x 604(D)mm;28kg
AQMS-500Sulfur Dioxide(SO2)UV FluorescenceUS EPA Specification: 0~500ppb178(H) x 432(W) x 604(D)mm;22kg
AQMS-600Nitrogen Oxides (NO/NO2/NOx)ChemiluminescenceUS EPA Specification: 0~2000ppb178(H) x 432(W) x 604(D)mm;22kg
BPM-200Particulate(PM2.5/PM10/TSP)Beta-ray Attenuation310(H)x430(W)x400(D)mm;25kg


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