Holding Power Tester


Application Field

Adhesive film, and a kind of tape



KS T 1028, KS A 1107, JIS Z 0237


Product Descriptiono

  • This equipment tests the retentivity of adhesive tapes, sheets, etc. After a
    specimen of 150x25mm that has done pre-process (by pressing roll) attached stainless
    span of 25x25mm, and a constant load (weight) is given. Then, the time of falling off
    is measured
  • Standard type/ Automatic time measurement type
  • Option Thermostat, Temperature & Humidity chamber mounted type


Temp RangeAMB ~ 200°C
Temp ControlDigital Set / Readout
Temp Stability100 C 0.1 C
Dimensions(in)400 x 400 x 500mm (W x D x H)
Material(in)Interior : SUS 304
Exterior : SS 41
DoorOne Door Silicon Gum Packing
Circulation Motor¼ HP
TimerAuto Stop System
Sefety DevicePower Breaker, Over Heat Protection
Power Source220V 60Hz


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