• Software module of the PC based vibration measurement system VibroMetra
  • Measurement of hand-arm vibrations to EN ISO 5349
  • Evaluation of vibrations at the workplace
  • Prevention of blood vessel, nerve, bone and joint deseases
  • Measurements for the implementation of EU guideline 2002/44/EC
  • Evaluation of vibrations in the development of hand-held machine tools


  • Triaxial measurement of interval RMS value of weighted vibration acceleration
  • Weighting filter to ISO 8041-1
  • Calculation of daile vibration exposure A(8)
  • Offline processing of stored measurement data
  • FFT analysis of vibration events with VM-HAND+
  • Calculation of daily vibration exposure A(8)
  • Generation of individualized reports
  • Available as kit with hardware and sensor for one or both hands


Event analysisnoFFT
MeasurandsInterval RMS of weighted acceleration
Frequency weightingWh
CalculationsVibration total value Ahv Daily vibration exposure A(8)


  • Component of VibroMetra system
  • Measurement of hand - arm vibrations to EN ISO 5349:2001
  • One, two or three axes possible
  • Measuring duration from 1 minute to 1 day
  • High reliability by user guidance
  • Good / Bad evaluation of the results
  • Results are stored in a calculation sheet for the daily exposure A(8) which may include several activities, no external software required, Excel export possible
  • Offline measurement
  • Available as kits:
    • VM-HAND Kit One for one handle
    • VM-HAND Kit Two for two handles


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