Human Vibration VM31



  • Versatile tool for vibration measurement during product development and for health and safety at the workplace to EU guideline
  • Measurement of hand-transmitted vibration
  • Measurement of whole-body vibration
  • SEAT measurement at driver seats
  • Vibrations on passenger and merchant ships
  • Condition monitoring of rotating machinery in three axes
  • Vibration measurement in vehicles
  • Supported standards: ISO 8041; ISO 2631; ISO 5349; ISO 10326; ISO 20816; ISO 20238-5; ISO 28927; ISO/TR 18570; 2002/44/EC


  • Four independent measuring channels
  • Weighting filters to ISO 8041 Wh for hand-arm vibration and Wb, Wc, Wd, Wj, Wk, Wm for whole-body vibration
  • Interval and running RMS, maximum RMS (MTVV), vibration dose value (VDV), vector sum, peak and maximum peak
  • Measurement of vibration acceleration, velocity and displacement
  • FFT of acceleration with 125 lines
  • TEDS sensor detection
  • Memory for 10000 measurements and 1000 FFTs with date and comment
  • USB interface
  • Excel macro included for data transfer and calculation of daily exposure A(8)Clear user guidance with colored OLED
  • Very compact design
  • 10 hours operation with 3 Micro (AAA) batteries
  • Available as hand-arm kit and whole-body kit including suitable sensors and accessories


Measurands and Ranges
Vibration measurandsVibration acceleration Vibration velocity/severity Vibration displacement
Overall valuesTrue RMS value Maximum transient vibration value MTVV Interval RMS value; unlimited averaging time Vector sum of X, Y, Z Vibration dose value VDV True pak value Maximum peak value
Measuring range acceleration0.01 to 600 (Transducer sensitivity 10 mV/ms-2) 0.1 to 6000 (Transducer sensitivity 1 mV/ms-2)m/s²   m/s²
Measuring range velocity0.01 to 5000 (Transducer sensitivity 10 mV/ms-2)mm/s
Measuring range displacement0.1 to 7500 (Transducer sensitivity 10 mV/ms-2)µm
Linear amplitude range>75 (±6 % error )dB
ADC resolution24Bit
Noise<0.003 m/s²
Lower frequency limit acceleration0.2; 1Hz
Lower frequency limit velocity1; 2; 10Hz
Lower frequency limit displacement5Hz
Upper frequency limit acceleration1000; 1500Hz
Upper frequency limit velocity100; 1000Hz
Upper frequency limit displacement100; 1000Hz
Weighting filtersWb; Wc; Wd; Wh; Wj; Wk; Wm; unweighted
Frequency analysisFFT; 125 points for X/Y/Z Acceleration spectrum 3 to 240; 6 to 480; 12 to 960; 24 to 1920 Hz
IndicatorsOLED; RGB; 128 x 160 pixels
Input channels4
Input signalsIEPE
Input connectorSocket Binder 711; 4 poles; channel 4: Socket Binder 711; 8 poles
IEPEconstant current0.7 to 1mA
TEDS supportIEEE 1451.4; template 25
Digital interfacesUSB 2.0 FS; CGC mode; ASCII command set; Binder 712; 8 poles
Power Supply
Battery3 x LR03 / HR03 / AAA
Battery operating time10 to 14h
External supply voltage5 (USB)VDC
Case Data
Dimensions without connectors125 x 65 x 27 (H x W x D)mm
Case materialABS
Weight140 (without sensor)g
Operating temperature range-20 to 60 (95 % rel. humidity without condensation)°C


  • For Hand-Arm vibration to ISO5349 and ISO/TR 18570, whole-body vibration to ISO2631 and ship vibration to ISO 20283-5
  • Acceleration, velocity and displacement ranges for machine vibration
  • Display of running and interval RMS, maximum RMS (MTVV), vibration dose value (VDV), vector sum, peak and maximum peak value
  • Fourth channel for SEAT measurements at driver seats
  • 3-channel FFT for the detection of main frequencies
  • TEDS support for automatic sensor detection
  • Memory for saving measurements by keypress
  • Data logger function for RMS or peak values
  • USB interface for data transfer to a PC
  • Excel macro for the calculation of daily exposure A(8) and report generation
  • Compact design
  • Simple operation


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