Magnetic Test Samples


We produce different types of magnetic test saples, such as: bars, plates, disks with different types of cracks.

The test blocks are used for:

  • quality comparison of different magnetic powders (particle solutions);
  • quality assurance of magnetic powders while working with the testing bench;
  • for quality analysis during the magnetic particle testing, also to check the correct dosing of magnetic powder in automatic testing.

MTU Test Block #3

The MTU test block #3 (is the reference block type 1 according to EN ISO 9934-2) is used to verify the indication sensitivity of magnetic particle crack detection agents.

The test block is a disk with two types (large and small) of natural cracks (in both sides).

The large cracks are sanding cracks and the small cracks are tension cracks.

The test block has been magnetized by use of the hole in the middle of the test block. The analys of the test block is made by comparison of the picture with the results of the test block with fluorescent magnetic powder and ultraviolet lamp.


  • diameter – 50 mm- thick -11 mm
  • diameter of center hole – 10.5 mm
Preparing of material90MnCrV8; surfaces grinded on 9,7 ± 0,05 mm
Hardening of material
  • 860 °C to 2 hours- dipped in oil
  • hardness – 63 to 70 HRC
Grinding cracks
  • speedness 35 m/s
  • grain 46J7
  • delivery 0,05 mm cross feed 2,0 mm
Corrosion cracksblack heated at 145°C to 150 °C for 1,5 hours
Magnetisationcentral ladder, direct current I = 1 kA (peek)


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