Mattress Rolling Testing Machine – TO-D107


  • This tester is the displacement phenomenon of the mattress interior using a cylindrical or hexagonal roller for masuring.
  • All operations of the tester is controlled by the computer and the computer monitor test progress
  • After completion of the test, the test data is output to the report by the printer so more efficient management of test data.


StandardISO, ASTM, KS
Drum SizeLength 1,000 mm, Diameter 500mm
Drum Materialinter : metal, Exter : wood
Drum Weight120 kg
Test Speed12 Cycle/min
Test StokeMax 1300 mm
Driving MethodAC Servo Motor
Control MethodTouch Panel Controller
SoftwareMotion control, Data analysis, Save, Print
Power220 V 3 P or 380 V 3 P
WeightApprox. 2 ton


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