Mess-Matic CNC-SDM-MT/01


This model is especially designed for the balancing of brake drums. System is equipped with a drilling unit which moves in horizontal axis. It is suitable to use this machine for serial balancing operations. Only loading and unloading is done by the operator. Fixing and centering of the drum, detecting the unbalance, positioning, unbalance correction by drilling operation and final testing is done automatically by the system.
Automatic loading and unloading unit can be integrated to the system upon request.

Technical Features

Motor Drive (Kw)18
Balancing TypeStatic – Dynamic
Rotor Weight (Kg)20-3000
PedestalsHard Bearing
Diameter of Rotor (mm)200 – 2500
Control UnitIndustrial PC
Motor Speed ControlSiemens / Lenze


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