Miniature Shaft Torque Sensor




The YDNS miniature shaft torque sensor / reaction torque sensor series have parallel shaft connections for in-line direct-drive measurements. Applications include the testing of electrical motors, hydraulic pumps, automotive transmissions, steering systems and aircraft actuators.

All YDNS miniature reaction torque sensors offer a 1.3mV/V output signal which can be fed into any of our range of digital indicators, signal conditioners and digitisers to provide a complete torque measurement system.

Product Dimensions

YDNS Miniature Shaft Torque Sensor Outline Drawing
Capacity (Nm)ABCØDØEFG
0.2, 0.5, 17636203812151
2, 57636203812151
20, 508141205222156×6
100, 20010343306230228×7
500, 1000125454084563014×9

All dimensions are in mm.


  • For Static or Semi-Rotary Torque (Less Than 1 Revolution) Applications
  • Ultra-Compact for Mounting in Tight Spaces
  • Ideal for Electrical Motors, Pumps and Gearboxes
  • Fast and Simple Installation with Customised Shaft and Configuration Options
  • Let us Customise the Design to Suit Your Exact Application


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