PHD Pro2 – Pinhole/ holiday detector – pipeline testing kit (0.5kV – 6kV)


The PHD Pro2 range of high-voltage DC pinhole (or ‘holiday’) detectors are ideal for rapid and effective holiday testing of a range of non-conductive coatings and linings for porosity, faults and defects.

The PHD Pro2 caters for a variety of applications and the wide range of accessories and electrodes available allows the PHD Pro2 to adapt to specific testing requirements. The PHD Pro2 is the result of an exhaustive research, development and design programme which brings the latest technology to the instrument along with a complete redesign of the user interface and a large multi-colour display; making navigating its menus easier than ever and the PHD Pro2 the safest, most intuitive and simple-to-use instrument Buckleys have made yet.

The PHD Pro2’s robust and fully-enclosed design comes with an IP65 rating and enables it to withstand the rigours of daily use in challenging environments with ease. † These standards are pre-programmed and are provided for convenience. However, it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the correct settings are chosen for the intended application of this unit.

Kit includes:

  • Main detector unit (5700-0370)
  • Test probe handle and nosecone
  • Interconnecting lead (6005-0517)
  • Anti-static wristband (4016-0132)
  • Calibration certificate (5830-0054)
  • 150mm stainless steel drum brush electrode (6005-0237)
  • 5m earth cable on reel (6005-0073)
  • 4 x D-cell rechargeable batteries (6005-0002)
  • Robust black transit case (5005-0099)
  • Trailing earth lead (6005-0079)
  • Battery charger with power adaptors and in-car charger (1002-0027)
  • Mid-section extension rod (6005-0459)
  • End-section extension rod (6005-0460)
  • Straight phosphor-bronze brush electrode 250mm (6005-0107)
  • Pair of knurled locknuts (6005-0465)
  • Rolling spring attachment shoe (5700-0541)
  • Padded carry bag with shoulder strap (6005-0456)
  • Robust black transit case (5005-0099)
  • Product manual


  • Output voltage range: 500V - 6kV
  • Recommended coating thickness range (using NACE SP0274): 4μm - 576μm
  • Sensitivity threshold range: 10μA - 450μA (factory-set to 200μA)
  • Meter accuracy: <10kV: +/- 10V. >=10kV +/- 100V
  • Built-in test standards: NACE SP0274/NACE SP0490/ NACE SP0188/ ASTM D5162/ASTM G62/ISO 21809-2†
  • Unit: 1.64kg, 172 x 85 x 235mm
  • Handle: 720g, 290 x 85mm
  • Packed weight: 11.4kg
  • Packed dimensions: 580 x 440 x 250mm
  • Battery type: 4 x D-cell/LR20


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