PST-100 accessory kit


The PST-100 AC spark tester provides a quick and cost-effective method of inspection on thick coatings and linings. Coating thicknesses of between 3mm and 30mm can be tested.

It is widely used for testing butt-welded and overlap joints in the plastics and rubber, petro-chemical and pipeline construction industries.
The PST Accessory kit complements the PST-100 with all of the items which are included as standard in the kits apart from the PST-100 unit itself and the spare nosecone. It has been designed for those who wish to upgrade their existing PST-100.


  • Executive style case
  • Flexible probe electrode
  • Pointed probe electrode
  • Drum brush electrode
  • 2 x 220mm insulated extension rods
  • Gauze mesh electrode with adaptor
  • 150mm phosphor bronze brush electrode with adaptor
  • Spark Gap Setter with instructions
  • Packed weight (basic kit): 0.5Kg
  • ​Dimensions (packed):41cm x 36cm x 14cm
  • Note: Due to ongoing technical developments, all stated information is typical and is subject to change without notice or obligation.
Commodity Code: 9027900000


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