PT-500H High-Precision Integration Monitor Of Temp., Press. and Velocity


PT-500 temperature pressure & velocity integrated monitor is a new generation online monitoring instrument, which can monitor temperature, pressure and velocity of flue gas inside pipeline for a long term under poor environmental condition.
PT-500 is equipped with high-precision micro differential pressure/static pressure sensor with purging unit. Compared with conventional integrated monitor, it is able to measure not only the value of purging pressure, but determine whether there is pressure or not. In addition, the lower limit of velocity can reach as low as 1m/s.


Velocity Range 0~40m/s; 0~15.5m/s(optional)
Measuring Accuracy ±5%F.S.
Measuring Principle Pitot method
Output Signal 3×4-20mA, 1×232/485
Pitot Material 316, 316L, SS
Purging Pressure 0.3MPa~0.8MPa
Storage Temperature 0~50℃
Pressure Limit of Differential Pressure Transmitter  1.0MPa
Range of Pressure Transmitter -5KPa~5KPa, -10KPa~10KPa(customizable)
Pitot Length 400mm, 800mm, 1200mm, 1700mm(customizable)
Range of Temperature Transmitter 0℃~300℃(customizable)
Temperature Range of Flue Gas-40℃~800℃(depend on pitot material)
Working Temperature Range -40℃~70℃
Storage Humidity0~85%RH


Apply to velocity ,temperature, pressure of high temperature, humidity and dusty gas in a variety of boiler, furnace flue and mine exhaust pipes.


1. Ultralow range pressure sensor to realize 1m/s flow velocity measurement 2. Operation unit with LCD display: provide friendly human-machine interaction interface 3. Able to set regualr purging time, velocity field parameter, pitot coefficient and etc. 4. Overvoltage protection to effectively prevent pressure sensor from damage and reduce operation cost 5. Automatic zero calibration; strengthen output singal 6. Anti-blocking and anti-corrosion design 7. High accuracy, small impact and simple pipeline design 8. Able to measure pressure of purging gas and determine if there is gas pressure.


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