Shake Table ANCO R-191


The ANCO Model R-191 earthquake shake table is a 1 DOF (horizontal) economical teaching tool for earthquake engineering, vibration, system dynamics, control systems, and data acquisition and processing studies and demonstrations.


  • Portable, total weight <35 kg, no anchorage required
  • Table top: 30 x 30 cm with tapped hole grid for test item attachment
  • Achieves 1 g acceleration with a 20 kg payload
  • Peak displacement of +/- 15 cm
  • Peak velocity of 40 cm/s
  • Frequency range of operation is 0 to 20 Hz
  • Can be used as a large structure vibrator with 250 N force
  • Uses all-electric ball screw actuator
  • Requires single phase 300 Watt power
  • Includes ANCO’s SPECTIME program for user-generated spectrum that is compatible with earthquake time histories
  • library of preprogramed and allows for user-supplied or user computed earthquake drive signals

Optional Equipment

can be provided that includes sample models for study including a multi-story building, piping system, water tank, and base isolated simulated electronic cabinet. The ANCO Model R-191 provides the following educational options to teachers and students:
  • Demonstrates the concept that all structures have several modes and resonant frequencies.
  • Shows how different types of earthquake motion cause different structural responses, such as, soil conditions or earthquake size and distance.
  • Illustrates the nature of structural damping.
  • Allows students to compete to build the most earthquake resistant structure according to various design principles and material constraints.
  • Demonstrates the effectiveness of proper design versus inadequate design and how small changes can result in large safety margins.
  • Demonstrates proper anchorage and safety measures of nonstructural equipment in a home or office.
  • Enhances the students’ understanding of energy distribution in an earthquake motion and how the energy distribution affects a structure’s earthquake response.
  • Allows the table to be used as a vibrator to excite a lab structure and demonstrate that real structures have resonant frequencies.
  • Enables students to experience signal generation and processing in a servo control system.
  • Enables students to perform structural control experiments.
  • All of these topics are covered by the experiments described in the user manual which also includes quizzes to assess student comprehension.


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