Shake Table ANCO R-300


The ANCO R-301/302 earthquake shake tables are a 1 DOF and 2 DOF economical research and teaching tool for earthquake engineering, vibration, system dynamics, control systems, and data acquisition and processing studies and demonstrations.


  •  Portable, total weight <150/250 kg (R-301/R-302), no anchorage required
  • Table top: 50x75 cm (R-301) or 70x70 cm (R-302) with tapped hole grid
  • Achieves 2.0 g acceleration with an 125 kg payload
  • Peak displacement of ±7.5 cm
  • Peak velocity of 50 cm/s
  • Frequency range of operation 0 to 20 Hz
  • Uses all electric roller screw actuator (1 for R-301, 2 for R-302)
  • Requires single phase 8/15 kW (R-301/R-302) 208 Vac power
  • Allows for one passenger riding to experience earthquake motions such as at science parks and museums
  • Includes ANCO SPECTIME program for user generation of spectrum compatible earthquake time histories
  • Provided with either of two digital controllers: 1. Powerful closed loop ANCO PC based DANCE equalizing controller with 16 channels data acquisition, earthquake library, and SINE sweeps 2. Economical open loop ANCO FOX TROT controller run from your PC or handheld MP3 player with library of preprogramed and user supplied earthquake drive signals

Optional Equipment

  • Additional accelerometers and ICP power supplies
  • Anti-Aliasing filters
  • T bar table attachment or seat attachment for passenger stability
  • Sample models for study including multi-story building, piping system, water tank, and base isolated simulated electronic cabinet
  • Work book with 8 suggested student lab projects using the shake table
  • The R-301 is a 1 DOF option
  • The R-302 is a 2 DOF option
  • The R-302b is a 1 DOF option that can be upgraded to 2 DOF at a later time


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