The STS4-4 Wireless Intelliducer Node is a rugged 4-channel wireless Data Acquisition node typically used for diagnostic live-load testing projects. The long battery life and ruggedized design makes this hardware ideal for use in harsh field conditions.

The STS4-4 Wireless Intelliducer Node has 4-Channel Data Acquisition devices with 4 analog and 4 temperature inputs per node. They are the 4th generation design based on our experiences over 25 years of structural testing and data acquisition designed specifically with our experience in mind.

There are four models to choose from depending on the application. A fully rugged outdoor version with intelligent sensor support (Intelliducer), and wireless or wired Ethernet communication options. A more economical version intended for monitoring applications where the nodes will be housed in outdoor enclosures or simply used in a laboratory application.

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Measurement Types: Analog Input Temperature InputAnalog Single-ended or Differential 3KΩ NTC Thermistor
Maximum Sample Rate: Analog Input Temperature Input1,000 S/s ~1 S/s (non-user adjustable)
Programmable Gain Stages11
Analog to Digital Converter (ADC)24-bit ADC (Sigma delta)
Analog Inputs4
Temperature Inputs (NTC Thermistor only)4
System Memory16 MB (Operating System)
Internal Micro SD Card8 GB
Excitation Voltages
VX (programmable)+1 to +5 Vdc @ 20 mA (per channel)
V+15+15 Vdc @ 400 mA (combined)
Li-Ion Battery+10.8 Vdc (Nominal), 6.8 Ah, 73 Wh
DC Supply+24 Vdc @ 3.0 Amp (max for charging)
Power over Ethernet+48 Vdc (IEEE 802.3af)
Sensor Interface
Connector10-Pin weatherproof Mil-Spec circular bayonet snap-lock.
Intelliducer Support1Yes
Weather ProtectionSplash-proof
Size8.0 x 4.5 x 3.25 in (203 x 115 x 83 mm)
Weight2.63 lb (1,200 g)
Battery & DC Supply Operation-4° to +140 °F (-20° to +60 °C)

1 Intelliducer support refers to BDI’s intelligent sensor connector interface. The intelligent sensor interface contains the sensor ID, calibration factor, gain setting, etc. within a memory chip inside the sensor connector.


  • Standard 802.11b/g/n wireless protocol with wired Ethernet backup
  • Designed to exceed IP6
  • Communication & power up to 16 data channels
  • Internal Li-Ion battery with up to 40 hours of testing time


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