Award-winning and versatile 8-channel USB data acquisition system with unmatched price/performance ratio and hand-size footprint. 8 universal analog inputs, 8 digital/counter/encoder inputs, and two high-speed CAN bus inputs



Reliable DAQ System

DEWE-43A weighs under two pounds and is small enough to fit in your hand. And yet inside this small box beats the heart of a giant.

When you need an instrument with stellar specifications, and yet with a budget friendly price tag, DEWE-43A will not let you down.

But don’t get confused by a great price. The build quality is not compromised. We carefully design our instruments and CNC every unit out of a solid block of aluminum. This way, the instrument is not only tough, but also light for maximum portability.

DEWE-43A is an ideal solution for various dynamic data acquisition applications. It will help you solve most demanding test and measurement challenges. It is used around the world and really proven to be a Swiss Army Knife for every test and measurement engineer.


Easy to Use DAQ

Using DEWE-43A does not require any complex configuration setups or programming.

With plug and play functionality, smart sensors, and advanced TEDS sensors support, making measurements with DEWE-43A is easier than riding a bike. You will get it right the first time and you will be ready to measure in no time.

Getting precise and graphically rich results is as easy as ever. Just drag and drop one of the many flexible visual displays and connect them to your channels. Voila! It works like magic.

Precise Counter and Encoder Measurement

DEWE-43A utilizes our patented technology called SUPERCOUNTERS® in every of its eight counter/encoder inputs.

Counter inputs can measure RPM and angle of rotating machines. In comparison to standard counters, which only output integer numbers one sample later (e.g. 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 4), SUPERCOUNTERs® are able to extract the accurate values like 1.37, 1.87, 2.37, etc. fully synchronized for time and amplitude. This is done by measuring the exact time of the rising edge of the signal with an additional counter. Our SUPERCOUNTERs® work on a 102.4 MHz time base, independent from the current sampling rate.

Counter inputs are fully synchronized with analog and CAN bus data and enable easy applications like balancing, order tracking and torsional vibrations.

To learn more see the Dewesoft Digital Coutners online PRO training course.


DEWE-43A data acquisition hardware is capable to acquire different signals like analog, CAN, counter, encoder, and digital. With the power of included Dewesoft X software, you can easily acquire and combine data from additional interfaces like GPS, Flexray, XCP, Ethernet, Serial, PCM telemetry, and many more.

Even though each data source can have different sampling rates, all your data will be perfectly synchronized down to microsecond accuracy. All these thanks to our different supporting timing and GPS synchronization technologies.

Synchronized video can be added for free. Dewesoft includes powerful video engine and has support for simple DirectX web cameras, high speed video cameras that are fully synced to analog data, and also 3rd party thermal cameras.

Expand Channel Count

If the channel count on one DEWE-43A DAQ instrument is not enough our flexible design allows you to easily extend channels at any time.

You can either synchronize multiple DEWE-43A instruments together or extend input channel count with any of our other DAQ systems such as SIRIUS or KRYPTON, or even navigational instruments or CAN interfaces.

The configuration for working with multiple instruments is as easy as working with single unit and thanks to synchronization technologies (internal or external IRIG, GPS) data will always be perfectly synchronized.


Analog inputs
Number of channels8
InputsVoltage, full bridge
ADC type24-bit sigma-delta with anti-aliasing filter
Sampling rateSimultaneous 200 kS/sec
Input typeDifferential
Voltage ranges±10 V±1 V±100 mV±10 mV
DC accuracy
0,05 % of value +1 mV
0,05 % of value +0.2 mV
0,05% of value +0.1 mV
0,05 % of value +0.1 mV
CMRR@ 50Hz/400Hz/1kHz
85 dB / 92 dB / 89 dB
97 dB / 97 dB / 88 dB
100 dB / 97 dB / 89 dB
101 dB / 97 dB / 89 dB
Sensor supply12 V, 350 mA (Shared between: 8xAI, 8xCounters, 2xCAN)
Excitation voltage±5 V ±0.1 % bridge sensor supply, 70 mA limit
Overvoltage protection±70 V input protection
Noise floor107 dB @ ±10 V range
Input impedance20 MΩ || 47 pF (differential) 10 MΩ || 33 pF (common mode)
Maximum common mode voltage±13 V
Signal to noise: 0.1 kS/s to 51.2 kS/s 51.2 ks/s to 102.4 kS/s 102.4 kS/s to 200 kS/s
105 dB 100 dB 75 dB
Channel-to-Channel Phase Mismatch<0.1° @ 5 kHz
Phase-to-Phase Mismatch0.6° @ 1 kHz
Counter/Digital inputs
Number of channels8 counters/24 digital input, fully synchronized with analog
ModesCounting, waveform timing, encoder, tacho, geartooth sensor
Counter timebase102.4 MHz
Time base accuracyTypical: 5 ppm, Max: 20 ppm
Max. Bandwidth10 MHz
Input Filter500 ns, 1 μs, 2 μs, 4 μs, 5 μs and 7.5 μs
Counter resolution32-bit
Input Compatibility, LevelTTL/CMOS (Low: <0.8 V, High >2 V)
Input termination, impedance100 kΩ pull-up to +3.3 V
Input Protection±30 V continuous
Alarm outputNot available
Sensor supply+5 V, +12 V (See bellow: Power, Sensor power supply)
CAN bus
Number of ports2
Interface typeCAN 2.0B, up to 1 MBit/sec
Special applicationsCCP, OBDII, J1939, CAN output
Galvanic isolationIsolated
Bus pin fault protection±36 V
ESD protection8 kV
Interfaces and options
USBUSB-B mini, USB 2.0 interface
Synchronisation2x SIRIUS® SYNC
Max. Sync-cable length100 m (Master/Slave), 200 m (IRIG)
Power supply9 - 36 V DC
Galvanic isolationISO-POWER Isolated
Sensor power supplyUp to 10W total: 12 V, total limit 350 mA (Shared between: 8xAI, 8xCounters, 2xCAN) 5 V, total limit 700 mA (Shared between: 8xCounters, 2xCAN) +/-5 V Exc., Ch. limit 70 mA
Power consumptionTyp. 6 W, Max. 18 W
Operating TemperatureMax. 60 °C down to -20 °C
Storage Temperature-40 to 85 °C
Humidity5 to 95 % RH non-condensing at 50 °C
IP ratingIP50
Shock & VibrationVibration sweep sinus (EN 60068-2-6:2008) Vibration random (EN 60721-3-2: 1997 - Class 2M2) Shock (EN 60068-2-27:2009) MIL-STD-810D
Dimensions225 x 80 x 45 mm
Weight0.72 kg
Rev: 1611658800


  • UNIVERSAL ANALOG INPUTS: DEWE-43A can accept voltage and full-bridge signals natively. IEPE, charge, thermocouples, half-bridge, quarter bridge, RTD, current, resistance, and LVDT signals with the use of DSI adapters.
  • 24-BIT SIGMA DELTA ADC: DEWE-43A is equipped with 24-bit sigma-delta analog-to-digital converters with an anti-aliasing filter. The analog sampling rate is software selectable up to 200 kS/s per channel.
  • SENSOR POWER SUPPLY: Each analog channel on the DEWE-43A provides power for sensor excitation.
  • COUNTER/ENCODER/DIGITAL INPUTS: Each channel is capable of 3x digital inputs, 1x event counter, encoder, period, pulse-width, duty-cycle. Precise frequency and angle measurement use patented SUPERCOUNTER® technology.
  • ISOLATED CAN INPUTS: DEWE-43A includes two high-speed CAN 2.0b channels with 1 Mbit/sec data throughput. Both ports offer additional support for CCP, OBDII, J1939, and CAN output.
  • FULLY SYNCHRONIZED: All channels, either analog, digital, or CAN are synchronized with microsecond accuracy to each other. Multiple DEWE-43A instruments can be daisy chained and synced together.
  • ISOLATED POWER SUPPLY: DEWE-43A power supply is internally isolated which is eliminating the possibility of ground loops.
  • SOFTWARE INCLUDED WITH FREE LIFETIME UPGRADES: Easy to use, yet very robust in functionality, award-winning DewesoftX data acquisition software is included. The software comes with lifetime free upgrades and no hidden costs, bringing you intuitive configuration, smart sensors, advanced storage, and analysis capabilities.



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