Submersible Load Cell for use in Triaxial Chambers


Applied Measurements STALC3 submersible load cell is designed for use in fully submerged in water, at pressures up to 7000kPa.  Primarily they are used in triaxial chambers and can be retrofitted into existing triaxial chambers or installed into new ones.  Triaxial chambers are pressurised chambers used for testing the shear strength of core samples taken from the earth.  These provide a direct measurement of the axial compression load applied to the sample under test.  Read more about triaxial chambers on our triaxial testing page.

In addition, our STALC3 submersible load cell can be adapted for use in other applications where they will be submerged in fluids including water and oil.

Thanks to its pressure compensating system, incorporated within its design, there is no change in zero or sensitivity when the STALC3 load cell is subjected to external pressure changes.  Plus, the STALC3 also features accurate temperature compensation, excellent accuracy and stability, which is essential for the type of long term testing applications in which they are used.

The standard 75mm diameter STALC3 submersible load cell is available in ranges from 0-1kN to 0-100kN.  The STALC3 can also be used to measure tension if required; for rated capacities up to 5kN tension loads up to the cell’s rated capacity can be applied.  For higher capacities of 10kN and upwards, tension rating is limited to 5kN as standard, however if you need to measure higher tensile forces we can manufacture customised versions on request.

Product Dimensions (in mm)

stalc3 outline plan view
stalc3 outline side view

Wiring Details

Red+ve excitation
Blue-ve excitation
Green+ve signal (compression)
Yellow-ve signal
ScreenTo ground – not connected to load cell body


  • Capacities: 0-1kN up to 0-100kN
  • Output: 2mV/V
  • Fully Submersible to 7000kPa
  • Pressure Compensated Design
  • High Accuracy: <±0.05%/RC
  • IP68 Protection Rating


Rated Capacity (RC)kN0-1, 0-3, 0-5, 0-10, 0-25, 0-50, 0-100
Operating ModesTension / Compression / Tension & Compression*
Sensitivity (RO)mV/V2.0 nominal (1.4 nominal on 1kN)
Zero Balance/Offset±%/Rated Output<1
Output Symmetry (tension vs. compression)±%/Rated Output<0.5 typical
Non-Linearity±%/Full Scale<0.05
Hysteresis±%/Full Scale<0.10
Repeatability±%/Rated Output<0.05
Temperature Effect on Zero±%/Full Scale Output/ ˚C<0.02
Temperature Effect on Sensitivity±%/Full Scale Output/ ˚C<0.01
Input ResistanceOhms750 nominal
Output ResistanceOhms700 nominal
Insulation ResistanceMegohms>2000 (bridge to ground) & >1000 (shield to ground) @ 50Vdc
Excitation VoltageVolts AC or DC10 recommended (2-15 acceptable)
Operating Temperature Range˚C+5 to +50
Compensated Temperature Range˚C+10 to +50
Storage Temperature Range˚C-10 to +70
Safe Overload% of Rated Capacity150
Ultimate Overload% of Rated Capacity300
Deflection @ Rated Capacitymm<0.05
IP Rating (Environmental Protection)IP68 to 7000kPa/70bar
Weight (excluding cable)kg0.85
Fatigue Life108 cycles typical (109 cycles on fatigue-rated version)
Cable Length (as standard)metre3
Cable Type4 core screened, PUR sheath, Ø4.6
Construction/Wetted PartsStainless Steel and Nitrile (NBR)
Resolution1 part in 250,000 (with appropriate instrumentation)
Pressure Effect%/Rated Output/100kPa<0.005 typical
*Note: Load cells with a capacity of 1, 3 & 5kN can also be used in tension to their rated capacity. Where rated capacity is 10kN or higher, the maximum allowable tension load is 5kN.


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