TDG-SHAKE TABLE BIAXIAL can simulate earthquakes using real records. It is also possible to operate it with waveforms such as sine and triangle. The system is fully controlled via computer software. EasyTest Shake table software is offered along with the TDG- SHAKE TABLE BIAXIAL. The system can simultaneously operate both of its axes with the any given waveform or earthquake profile. It is commonly used in Civil, Structural and Earthquake Engineering. It can be used for soil and geological engineering tests and calibrating accelerometers and seismic instruments. With its cutting edge technology and advantageous price, it attracts high level universities and research laboratories.


  • LABORATORIES (Civil Engineering)
  • EDUCATION (Graduate & Undergraduate)
  • MODE SHAPES (with Model)
  • SMALL SCALE TESTS (Soil, Geophysics, Mechanics, Manufacturing)
  • CALIBRATION (Accelerometers)
  • CONTESTS / COMPETITIONS (EQ Resistant Design)


Test Capacity

Degree of FreedomDouble
Movement DirectionHorizontal
Table Dimension750 mm x 750 mm
Payload Capacity100 kg @ 1 g (Each Axis)
Velocity650 mm/s
Stroke± 100 mm
Frequency15 Hz
Position Precision0.001 mm

Physical & Environmental

Overall Dimensions800 mm x 800 mm x 250 mm
Weight80 Kg
Operating Temperature0 – 50°C

Power & Electrical

Mains Connection230 V AC / 50 – 60 Hz
PC ConnectionEthernet
Power Consumption4 kW Max


  • Highest Control Resolution with Servo Motor Closed Loop PID Control
  • Up to 100 kgf payload (@ +1 g)
  • 75X75 cm Upper Table
  • Up to 5g (No-Load)
  • +100 mm Stroke in both of the axes.
  • Operational Frequency up to 30 Hz
  • High precision linear guideway with low friction. Earthquake Simulation (Arbitrary User-Defined Waveforms)
  • Standard Waveforms - Sine, Triangle, Etc
  • Easy Setup, Plug & Play
  • 230 V AC / 50-60 Hz Mains Voltage
  • High Industrial Quality, Virtually Maintenance Free


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