TDG-Shake Table v2


TDG-SHAKETABLEV2 is a mobile size shake table. Standard uniaxial and biaxial options are available. Custom designs are possible for more degree of freedom needs. TDG SHAKETABLEV2 simulates earthquakes using real records, as well as operates waveforms such as sine, triangle etc. or any user defined acceleration or displacement profile. The system is fully controlled via computer software, which is included in the package. It is commonly used in Civil Engineering departments. It can also be used for structural mechanics, earthquake, soil and geological engineering tests and calibrating accelerometers and seismic instruments.


  • LABORATORIES (Civil Engineering)
  • EDUCATION (Graduate & Undergraduate)
  • MODE SHAPES (with Model)
  • SMALL SCALE TESTS (Soil, Geophysics, Mechanics, Manufacturing)
  • CALIBRATION (Accelerometers)
  • CONTESTS / COMPETITIONS (EQ Resistant Design)


  • Highest Control Resolution with Servo Motor
  • Closed Loop PID Control
  • Up to 110 kgf payload (@ +1 g)
  • Up to 5g (No-Load)
  • +100 mm Stroke
  • Operational Frequency up to 30 Hz
  • High precision linear guideway with low friction.
  • Earthquake Simulation (Arbitrary User-Defined Waveforms)
  • Standard Waveforms - Sine, Triangle, Etc
  • Easy Setup, Plug & Play
  • 100-230 V AC / 50-60 Hz Mains Voltage
  • High Industrial Quality, Virtually Maintenance Free


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