Thickness Gauge A1208


Frost-proof ultrasonic thickness gauge for difficult weather conditions (from -30˚ to +50 ˚С). The range of thickness measurement on steel is from 0,7 to 300 mm. Work with both single-crystal and double-crystal transducers.

The single-crystal wear-resistant transducer S3567 2.5A0D10CL is used to measure thickness of metals, cast iron and other materials with high ultrasound attenuation.

The double-crystal transducer D2763 10.0A0D6CL provides detection of pitting corrosion and measuring thickness thin-walled pipes of small diameter.

It is easy to master the device thanks to its high contrast display, friendly interface and high functionality.thic


Thickness measurement range(for steel) with transducers: S3567 2.5A0D10CLfrom 0,8 to 300,0 mm
D2763 10.0A0D6CLfrom 0,7 to 30,0 mm
Discreteness of thickness measuring for thickness range: from 0,7 to 99,99 mm0,01; 0,1 mm
from 100,0 to 300,0 mm0,1 mm
Basic measurement accuracy for thickness X, mm not more: for thickness from 0,7 to 3,0 mm±(0,01Х+0,1) mm
for thickness from 3,01 to 99,99 mm±(0,01Х+0,05) mm
for thickness from 100,0 to 300,0 mm±(0,01Х+0,1) mm
Minimum curvature radius10 mm
Ultrasound velocity rangefrom 500 to 19 999 m/s
Display typeTFT
Powerbuilt-in lithium accumulator
Operation time without re-charging9h
Opeating temperaturefrom -30 to +50 °С
Size of the electronic unit161 х 70 х 24 mm
Weight of the electronic unit210 g


Express ultrasonic inspection of wall thickness of the boilers and vessels, hull plates and other objects made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as for ultrasonic thickness measurements of the small-diameter metal and plastic pipes (from 20 mm)

Thickness measurement of pipe walls, boilers, vessels from metals with surface roughness of up to Rz 160 and curvature radius from 10 mm. Inspection of plastic products can be possible.

Detection of pitting corrosion of more than 4mm2 on the internal surface of the pipe.

The operator can measure the thickness of pipes with thin walls using double-crystal transducer D2763 10.0A0D6CL.

Delivery Kit

• A1208 – ultrasonic thickness gauge
• Transducer S3567 2.5A0D10CL
• Single LEMO 00 – LEMO 00 cable 1,2 m
• 220 В – USB adapter
• USB A – Micro B cable
• Soft cover
• Case




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