Coating Thickness Gauge NOVOTEST TP-1M


Portable Coating Thickness Gauge NOVOTEST TP-1M – device for operative non-destructive measuring of coating thickness in compliance with ISO 2808 with high measurement accuracy.
Coating thickness gauge is designed to test:

  • thickness of various thick protective coatings on various metals and alloys;
  • thickness of paint and other dielectrics – radioabsorbing, mastic, teflon, plastic, electroplating coatings on steel;
  • thickness of electroplating and paint coatings on non-ferromagnetic alloys and non-ferrous metals;
  • thickness of bitumen and other thick coatings on various metals and alloys;
  • as well as relative humidity, air temperature, surface temperature, dew point temperature and difference between surface and dew point temperatures, estimate the depth of grooves and the surface roughness

Electronic thickness gauge – device which widely used in shipbuilding and automotive industries for measuring of the thickness of paint, in order to test the quality of products, also it used for determining technical condition of the tested objects.


Thickness measurement range(depends on probe type)0 µm … 60 mm
Dimensions, mm122x65x23
Operating temperature range, ° C-5 … +40 ° C
Batteries2 AA
Type of connectors of probesLemo
Time of continuous work hours, not less20
Weight of electronic unit with batteries, no more, kg0.2
Specifications of probes for Coating Thickness Gauge NOVOTEST TP-1M 
Coatings on steel (dielectric and conductive coatings on ferromagnetic metals and alloys)
Type of probeCoating thickness measurement rangeMeasurement accuracyDimensions of the probe, mmPurpose
probe F-0,3 0-300 μm±(0,03h+0,001) mm Ø5×40Measurement of paint and varnish and galvanic coatings
probe F-0,5 0-500 μm±(0,03h+0,001) mm Ø 7×14Measurement of paint and varnish and galvanic coatings
probe F-2 0-2000 μm±(0,03h+0,002) mm Ø 9×35Measurement of paint and varnish coatings
probe F-5 0-5000 μm±(0,03h+0,002) mm Ø 18×35Measurement of paint and varnish and mastic coatings
Coating on the non-magnetic metals (Dielectric coatings on non-ferrous metals and alloys)
probe NF-2 0-2000 μm±(0,03h+0,002) mm Ø 14×53Measurement of anodic-oxide films and paint coatings
Thick coatings on metals (dielectric coatings on metals)
probe M-12 0-12 mm±(0,03h+0,01) mmØ 18×55Measurement of mastic coatings
probe M-30 1-30 mm±(0,03h+0,02) mm Ø 24×51Measurement of mastic coatings
probe M-60 1-60 mm±(0,03h+0,03) mm Ø 40×76Measurement of mastic coatings
Measurement of surface roughness, Rz (After abrasive blasting pre-painting work)
probe DSH 2-360 μm±(0,03h+0,002) mmØ 20×50Measurement of surface roughness after sand and shot blasting
Temperature, humidity and dew point
probe DT -50 … +125 ° C + / – 1 ° C Ø 12×107Temperature measurement
probe DTVRHumidity: 0 – 100% Temperature: -50 … 125 °C Dew point: -15 – +40 °C± 5% ± 1 ° C ± 2 ° CØ 50×111Measurement of temperature, humidity and dew point


  • Large thickness measurement range
  • Convenience and ease in operation
  • Shockproof case
  • Minimum number of controls: one button – one function
  • Graphical display with backlight
  • Automatic recognition of probe
  • Indication of the connected probe type
  • Control of batteries

Standard Packages

  • Thickness gauge electronic unit TP-1M
  • Probe – 1 pc (F-0.5, F-2 or NF-2)
  • Set of reference thickness samples
  • Batteries (AA) – 2 pcs
  • Charger
  • Operating manual
  • Case

Available Option

  • Additional probes for thickness gauge (depends on requirements)
  • Batteries
  • Charger
  • Set of reference thickness samples


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