Toy Durability Testing Machine


  • This tester is for evaluating durability of the joint and the rotaty part of toy.
  • The joint and rotaror endurance test and fracture test can be opperated
  • It is easy to acquire and analyze the data using the private Software

Spesification /
Number of test1,000,000 cycle
Test methodsJoint ports durability / Joint parts destruction
Main BodyAl-profile Case
Driving SystemAC Servo Motor System AC Servo Motor&Reduser (Japan)
ControlMotion Control, Software, Angle control, torque control
Computer System(monitor, Mainbody) 19"Rack STD
Safety DeviceEmergency Stop, Limit (Torque, Angle) Power Breaker
PowerAC 200V, 60Hz
GripOrder production


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