VGT-100V Vehicle Emission Tester


VGT-100V Vehicle Emission Tester is a product designed on the basis of Vehicle Mass Analysis System (VMAS) of gasoline. It is used to measure concentration of exhaust gas discharged by vehicle engines, including NO, NO2, CO, CO2, HC, O2, etc.

Among which, the measurement of NO and NO2 adopts UV Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (UV-DOAS), the measurement of CO, CO2 and HC employs Non-dispersive Infrared Absorption Technology (NDIR), the measurement of O2 uses Electrochemical cell technology.

Adopting UV-DOAS technology, the optical platform is composed by light source, gas chamber, optical fiber and spectrograph (including diaphragm,  holographic grating and linear array detector) and etc.

The UV light emitted by light source enters gas chamber via optical window and will be absorbed by measured gas; it gathers by lens and couples into optical fiber; enters spectrograph for light splitting and photovoltaic conversion to obtain gas absorption spectrum. The related gas component concentration can be calculated by analyzing the spectrum.

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  • Adopt direct optical method to measure NO2, solve the problem that conversion efficiency of traditional converter will reduce over time.
  • Response time of NO and NO2 is less than 3s.
  • Adopt UV-DOAS technology to measure NO and NO2 simultaneously without interfering by background gases like moisture.
  • With multiple interfaces to connect to parameters including oil temperature, rotational speed, ambient temperature & humidity and pressure, etc.


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