Wireless USB Gateway

The WSDA-200-USB is a USB gateway for easy, reliable Data Acquisition from Lord wireless sensors. The gateway provides seamless communication between the wireless sensor nodes and host computer using SensorConnect software or the MSCL API. The software and gateway allows users to easily configure wireless nodes and deploy them into a synchronized and scalable network.

Lord wireless sensor networks are fast to deploy and provide reliable, lossless data throughput. These networks are proven to work in demanding industries where reliable data acquisition is critical.

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  • Support up to 127 nodes simultaneously
  • Maximum data throughput per gateway
    • LXRS: 4 kHz (i.e. 32 channels at 128 Hz)
    • LXRS+: 16 kHz (i.e. 128 channels at 128 Hz)
  • Compatible with SensorConnect software or the MSCL API


  • USB 2.0
  • Radio: 2.4 GHz license free worldwide
    • LXRS: 250 kbps (longer range)
    • LXRS+: 1 Mbps proprietary (high data throughput)
  • Antenna: Internal or external (cable and antenna provided)
  • –40 to +85 °C operating temperature range


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