AQMS-650 Ammonia Analyzer


FPI AQMS-650 measures NH3 in the ambient air, which delivers a stable and precise value. It adopts chemiluminescence technology with an external converter that can combine its use with AQMS-600 measuring NOx; during the measurement, NH3 will be converted into NO by oxidation. And it also comes with its own developed software. The remote PC software allows for a remote connection with a virtual interface and data downloading capability to operate the software.


  • Independent measurement of NOx and NH3;
  • High efficiency external converter;
  • Various outputs include ethernet and RS232;
  • Continuous system diagnosis with alarm;
  • User friendly interface with large screen;
  • Less spare costs,accessories and maintenance requirement;
  • Large data storage capacity;
  • Low power demand of lasted model cause less power consumption.


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