Compact Draw Wire Displacement Sensor


The MK60 compact draw wire displacement sensor is small, low cost and has a measuring range of 0-1500mm to 0-2400mm.  Their low cost and customer specific designs makes them ideal for high volume OEM applications.  They have a robust plastic housing and a very compact design, enabling it to fit into the smallest of spaces.  They have a dust tight and water jet protection IP65 rating making them suitable for a variety of different environments.

Outputs for the analogue version include potentiometer, voltage and current outputs and the digital 0-2400mm has a TTL output.

For the analogue version 0-1500mm the non-linearity offers <±0.15% full scale output and the digital version 0-2400mm is better than ±0.15% full scale output.


  • Measuring Ranges: 0-1500mm (analogue) and 0-2400mm (digital)
  • Outputs Include: Potentiometer / Voltage / Current / TTL
  • Environmental Protection: IP65
  • Non-Linearity: <±0.15% Full Scale Output, <±0.15% FSO Digital

About Compact Draw Wire Displacement Sensor

  • Low Cost Ideal for OEM
  • Customised Versions for High Volume Available
  • Analogue and Digital Versions
  • Potentiometer (Analogue Only)
  • Incremental Encoder (Digital Only)
  • Robust Plastic Housing

Product Dimensions

MK60 Digital Compact Draw Wire Displacement Sensor Outline MK60 Analogue Compact Draw Wire Displacement Sensor *All Dimensions are show in mm


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