HAM-02 Haze Meter


HAM-02 Haze Meter is a kind of small hazer meter designed according to ASTM D1003—61(1997).

It is applying to test the light transmittance, transmission haze, and reflection haze, reflectivity

of transparent and semitransparent parallel level material and plastic films.

Also it is suitable for liquid samples (water, beverage, pharmacy, colored liquid, grease) turbidity measurement.

It is the basic instrument for plastic, glass products, all kinds of transparent packaging films, colored and

colorless of organic glass and aerospace, automotive glass and photographic film.


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      * Adopt the parallel lighting, hemispherical scattering, and integral ball photoelectric receiving mode.

      * The microcomputer automatic controls test system and data processing system, convenient operation, no knob,

         and a standard print output pull, automatically display the average value of transmittance / haze repeatedly measured.

      * The transmittance results is up to 0.1%and the haze degree is up to 0.01%.

      * No zero drift, confidence is strong, the specific structure- Open sample window is almostnot limited to sample size,

        fast measurement speed.

      * Due to the adoption of regulated products, instrument is not influenced by the environmental light so it does

        not need the darkroom; guarantee the safety of operators of large sample.

      * Electronic circuit of the computerized with high precision, a standard data output interface, supporting the supply

         remote printer.

Technical Indexes

      Dimension of Sample Room: The radius of a window25mm; Out of the window radius 21mm.

      C lamp-houses (DC12V 50W Tungsten halogen lamp + color temperature sheet)

      Receiver: Silicon photocell+ Visual function correction sheet  (V(λ)  standard value)

      Accuracy:  transmittance: 0.1 %; haze degree: 0.01 %

      Testing range:  transmittance: 0-100.0% ; haze degree: 0-30.00% (absolute measurement)

      Sample size: 50mm×50mm

      Tank size: 50×50×10mm

      Net weight: 21KG

      Power:  220V  50HZ


Mainframe; Folding head : 0.25 0.5 0.75 1.00;  A power line; Weight : 1000G, 500G; Specification


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