LT-01 Leak Tester


LT-01 Leak Tester is applicable in leak testing of pouches, bottles, pipes, cans and boxes of foodstuff, pharmaceutical, medical,

daily chemistry, automotive, electronic components, stationary and other industries.

It’s also applicable in the leak testing of the specimens after falling tests and pressure resistance tests.

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  • No electricity or batteries required
  • Stable property of test system
  • Extra-thick perspex
  • Different chamber sizes available
  • No vacuum pump required
  • Easy operation and maintenance leak detection system


Inner-out pressure difference of the specimen immerged in the water, which formed by vacuumizing the test chamber. Observe the specimen leakage properties, expanding and resuming to its original shape after releasing the vacuum.  All those determine the sealing properties.

Technical Indexes

  •       Vacuum Degree: 0~ -90kPa
  •       Size of Vacuum Chamber: ф270mm x 210mm(H) (Standard)

                                                  Ф360mm x 585mm(H) (Optional)

                                                  Ф460mm x 330mm(H) (Optional)

                                                   Note: other sizes can made to order

  •       Gas Source: Air compressor
  •       Gas Source Pressure: ≤0.7MPa (Users provide gas source themselves)
  •       Gas Inlet: Φ6mm polyurethane pipe
  •       Power: AC 220V 50Hz
  •       Dimension Size: L300 x W380 x H500 mm
  •       Net weight: 12kg


      ASTM D3078


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