Impact Testing Machine JB-W300A


JB-W300A Computer Controlled Pendulum Impact Testing Machine

It mainly used to determine metal material anti-impact quality under action load, Not only it can examine the return zero, loss of energy, swing circle, but also can display, store, print the testing result . You can control it by the control box, also can use the computer software.This product is the ideal equipment for university and research institute. With 300J and 150J pendulum seperately examine the different max. impact enery.





Max. impact energy300J/150J
Max. impact speed5.2m/s
Rising Angle150º
Distence between centers of Pendulum and speciemn750mm
Span specimen plate40mm
Radius of specimen plate round circleR1-1.5mm
Radius of striking edge round circleR2-2.5mm
Corner dimension of striking edge30 degree
Thickness of impact blade16mm
Min. resolution of impact energy2/1J
Dimension800x578x1400 mm
PowerAC 380V, 50Hz, 3 phases 4 lines, 180W
Size of specimen10 x 10 x 55 mm (U,V 2mm Notches)
Working condition
  1. Ambient temperature: 10-35ºC
  2. Relative humidity: ≤85%
  3. Around it without corrosive medium
  4. Installing on the concrete groundwork, which thickness is not less than 300mm. or fixing on the base, which weight is over 880kg.
  5. Levelness of installing datum plane of machine base is 0.5/1000.


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