Load Torque Testing Machine – TO-L-3


  • This tester is for evaluating Compression and Torsion characteristics of the part
  • By applying a high-precision Torque Sensor with Load Sensor, it is ti obtain more precise data
  • It is possible to easy and quick testing in the section structure


Torque Tester
Tourque Capacity500 Nm
Torque Accuracy+/-o.5 %
Angle Accuracy+/-o.1 %
Torque Test Speed1~30 RPM
Torque Speed Accuracy+/-o.1 %
Driving SystemAC Servo Motor
Compression Tester
Force Capacity50 kN
Load Accuracy+/-0.5 %
Stroke Accuracy +/-0.1 %
Max. Compression Test Speed500 mm/min
Min. Compression Test Speed0.1 mm/min
Speed Accuracy +/-0.1 %
Resolution0.5  m
Driving SystemAC Servo Motor


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