Mattress Durability Testing Machine – TO-D106


  • The tester is 80,000 times to press the allowale limit of the bed using a pressure plate so this tester can check the durability of the bed.
  • All operations of the tester is controlled by the computer and the computer monitor test progress
  • After completion of the test, the test data is output to the report by the printer so a more efficient management of test data.


Capacity:2000 N
Test methodEndurance, Compression set, Hardness test
StandardISO, ASTM, KS
Force SensorLoad Cell
Distance SensorLVDT
Weight control systemPC control
Endurance systemPC control
Test speed160 cycle/min
X.Y driving systemAC Servo Motor
Test stroke± 150 mm
Driving methodCAM Type
SoftwareMotion control, Data analysis, Save, Print
Power220 V 3 P or 380 V 3 P
WeightApprox. 3 ton


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