Roll Down Machine


Application Field

Adhesive fil, and a kind of tape



KS T 1028, KS A 1107, JIS Z 0237, ASTM D 3330


Product Descriptiono

  • This tester in the necessary equipment for pre-process steps such as holding power
    test, tension test, adhesion test of adhesive tapes, sheets, and so on. A certain
    longitudinal roll is squeezed into a constant speed and load. At this point, it is
    designed to work only the roller’s weight


Roller Size9.5 or 8.9cm and Wide 4.5 / Shore A 80
Roller Weight2000 5g
Roller HardnessHS 80 5
Standard Speed10 ~ 500mm/min
PannelDigital (LCD) Display
WeightApprox. 20kg
Stage2 Channel (Option : 3 channel
Dimension500 x 350 x 350mm (W x D x H)
PowerAC 220V 60Hz
MethodASTM D 3330, KS A 1107


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