AQMS-300 Ozone Analyzer


FPI AQMS-300 Ozone analyzer measures ambient O3 concentration in ppb level by utilizing UV photometric absorption technology.


  • Accurate direct UV absorption with reference comparison;
  • Compliance with US EPA equivalent method;
  • Various outputs include ethernet and RS232;
  • User friendly interface with large screen;
  • Continuous system diagnosis with alarm;
  • Multi-tasking software allows viewing test variables while operating;
  • Temperature and pressure compensation;

 Principle The concentration of ambient ozone is proportional to UV light absorption since there is a significant characteristic absorption for ozone on wavelength of 254nm. Periodical diversion on sample flow passing through the ozone scrubber will generate reference measurement, which is compared with sample measurement to provide stable and representative result.

Ozone scrubber The ozone scrubber is filled with MnO2 as catalyst, which will convert O3 to O2 to form reference gas. Meanwhile, the presence of other components remains the same. Data storage and analysis Stored data are easily retrievable through the serial or ethernet port via PC client software, allowing operators to perform predictive diagnostics and enhanced data analysis by tracking parameter trends.


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